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They are everywhere!

NUMBER SEVEN (2019) "Somewhere..."

Pictures of rainbows are everywhere now, they come in all sort of shapes and sizes. My painting from 2019 was also responding to an avalanche of rainbow images that flooded social media in China. The wonder of a rainbow in Beijing (BBC News 4.8.2015) was an article that triggered the idea for this work. The sight of a rainbow became extremely rare in Beijing due to severe air pollution and so it's no wonder that the sight caused such a huge response. For a moment I imagined what if even the rainbows became only a memory to share with our future generations. Somewhere… also came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It was originally a sculpture with an inbuilt fog machine (please see the short video). It was an interesting idea but it did trigger a fire alarm on the odd occasion when it was switched on, so it was not really suitable for galleries! I then changed it and added a perspex shield with an LCD light. This version was also shortlisted for the Sustainability Art Prize 2019. Currently, it exists simply as an ordinary oil painting, stripped of any accessories, meditating on the wall of our front room.

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