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BACK TO FRONT Series in the Past Tense: Future Perfect exhibition, 2022

Installation of wall based objects inspired by Josef Albers's colour studies Homage to the Square

BACK TO FRONT Series is a collection of works through which I question our accepted way of viewing traditional canvas. When we go to galleries to look at paintings or other wall-based objects, our eyes are most of the times met by only the 'front' of the paintings. I have always been wondering about the hidden side, the 'back' of it. This is why I dress the canvas stretcher the wrong way round - back to front and expose what is normally hidden. I like exploring what is not visible at the first sight.  Josef Albers's colour studies have been a great influence on this collection. I find the language of colour very intriguing because it can express so many different ideas or emotions. I will never know if you see the same red as me and how it feels. I love the thought of having this endless conversation through colour combinations.

Past Tense: Future Perfect was held at the Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge, U.K.. This exhibition reflected on a shared history and the social identity of a group of emerging artists who all met at Cambridge School of Art. This exhibition of 13 artists provided a multi-sensorial snapshot of the ever-evolving sense of self, both individual artists and of the group.


BACK TO FRONT Series is an ongoing project, new additions will be regularly uploaded here and on my social media channels IG: stepf2018 FB: Stepanka Art

I am available for commissions (email me at

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