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Art Collective Itiswhatitis Duo

Together with my art fellow Sarah Strachan, we have formed an art collective called Itiswhatitis Duo. This collective specialises in coordinating and curating art exhibitions and other art-related events.

2022: Present Tense: Future Perfect - we organised, curated as well as included our own work in this exhibition that reflected on a shared history and the social identity of a group of emerging artists who all met at Cambridge School of Art. This exhibition of 13 artists provided a multi-sensorial snapshot of the ever-evolving sense of self, both individual artists and of the group.


2021: Current - Online exhibition asks: What does it mean to live in our ‘current’ time? 

Exhibition opens at from 12 noon on Thursday 4th March 2021  

Itiswhatitis duo presents Current – an online exhibition of work by current students and recent graduates associated with the University of Cambridge, Cambridge School of Art and Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts.   

Living and studying in our ‘current’ time is what links the artists and their works together, as well as an association with CAN (Cambridge Arts Network).  Current provides a platform for 30 artists who responded to an open call across the city to coincide with the launch of the annual CAN conference – bringing together artists, curators and cultural organisation from Cambridge and beyond. 

2020: The Art of Watching Art - we were hired to organise and curate an exhibition for Motion Sickness art collective. This was a group show of artists who were previously involved with invigilating at Motion Sickness Project Space. For further information visit

2019: This Changes Everything - Itiswhatitis Duo was responsible for organising and curating a large group show of Fine Art students from the Cambridge School of Art. This show took place in Motion Sickness Project Space in central Cambridge. For further information visit 

2019: Connextions  - this exhibition coincided with the (Cambridge Arts Network) CAN Conference and it was held at Anglia Ruskin University from 27.2. - 6.5.2019. The participants were students from Cambridge School of Art from both MA and BA courses.