Stepanka Facerova 

I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Cambridge, UK.

I mainly work with sculpture and installation. By building installations I create different worlds; worlds which are often dominated by what is seemingly uninteresting, overlooked or forgotten. I question our social habits, the necessity of routine as well as the need for a constant change. 


My practice involves using materials as varied as wood, plaster, glass, clay and paper. I am also interested in finding new ways of using traditional canvas.

The themes that interest me are social habits and the everyday. In particular, the ideas for my work originate from a simple observation of how we as humans fill our days and how we share the space with other living creatures and objects. The materials I use are often found, discarded objects which go through a certain transformation before being implemented in my work.


Constant questioning leads to research within literature and philosophy. I am forever in search of answers, which is why I make art.


2020: Sustainability Art Prize 2020 virtual show, "First Prize Winner"

2020: Transitions, Interim show, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK


2020: The Flood Machine, Window Gallery on Silver Street, Cambridge, UK.


2020: The Art of Watching Art, Motion Sickness Project Space, Cambridge, UK.


2019: Reduct, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK.


2019: This Changes Everything, Motion Sickness Project Space, Cambridge, UK.


2019: Monument,  Cambridge Museum of Technology, Cambridge, UK.

2019: Sustainability Art Prize 2019, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK.

2019: Merge, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK.

2019: Connextions, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK.

2019: Disguises, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK.

2018: Sustainability Art Prize 2018, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK.


2018: POST24, Cambridge Artworks, Cambridge, UK.

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Stepanka Facerova
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