Stepanka Facerova 

Exploring what is seemingly uninteresting, overlooked or forgotten.

Stepanka questions our social habits, the necessity of routine, as well as the need for constant change. 

Recently she focused on the deconstruction of a traditional painting and is creating a collection of “Back to Front” artworks revealing the hidden, unseen side of canvas painting.

The outcomes vary between two-dimensional and three-dimensional.


Stepanka graduated in 2020 with a (First Class) BA Hons in Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art (ARU) and currently studies an MA Fine Art at Cambridge. She received the Sustainability Art Prize 2020 and took part in numerous group exhibitions. Her work can be found in a number of private collections.


2022: Present Tense: Future Perfect, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK


2021/2022: A Generous Space, ASP show, HASTINGS Contemporary, UK

2021:Collective Rebound,  Motion Sickness Project Space, Cambridge, UK


2021: CURRENT virtual exhibition  


2020: Virtual Degree Show 


2020: Sustainability Art Prize 2020 virtual show, "First Prize Winner"

2020: Transitions, Interim show, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK


2020: The Flood Machine, Window Gallery on Silver Street, Cambridge, UK


2020: The Art of Watching Art, Motion Sickness Project Space, Cambridge, UK


2019: Reduct, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK.


2019: This Changes Everything, Motion Sickness Project Space, Cambridge, UK.


2019: Monument,  Cambridge Museum of Technology, Cambridge, UK

2019: Sustainability Art Prize 2019, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK

2019: Merge, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK

2019: Connextions, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

2019: Disguises, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK

2018: Sustainability Art Prize 2018, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK


2018: POST24, Cambridge Artworks, Cambridge, UK

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