BACK TO FRONT Series is a collection of works through which I question our accepted way of viewing traditional canvas. When we go to galleries to look at paintings or other wall-based objects, our eyes are most of the times met by only the 'front' of the paintings. I have always been wondering about the hidden side, the 'back' of it. This is why I dress the canvas stretcher the wrong way round - back to front and expose what is normally hidden. I like exploring what is not visible at the first sight. 


Josef Albers's colour studies have been a great influence on this collection. I find the language of colour very intriguing because it can express so many different ideas or emotions. I will never know if you see the same red as me and how it feels. I love the thought of having this endless conversation through colour combinations.

Back to Front Series is not traditional art, it raises questions and gets your imagination going.

I am available for commissions (email me at

BACK TO FRONT Series price list (postage is not included):

50x50x15cm £490

50x50x10cm £340

50x50x5cm £290

25x25x5cm £190



Stepanka Facerova
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