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Patience, young Jedi...

Updated: May 4, 2020

It has been a rather peculiar week. Just like majority of others around the world, we are all at home, social distancing and trying to follow the advice from above. I always think it would be so much more fun if the local PM was Master Yoda. I love the way he speaks. Maybe I like it so much because he gets right to the point before he addresses how and why. Just imagine if Boris Johnson talked to the nation like Yoda. " Home, you must stay. Happy Birthday twice you sing when hands washed...". Perhaps that would make listening to frightening news about Covid-19 more bearable.

We all are working on our own little projects. Everybody is busy, only nobody is doing what we would normally do. I mean we all still eat and sleep but suddenly there is a whole new variety of activities. It has been good so far. Patience we must have.

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