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Yet Another Sunrise...

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

And so the summer is officially over, I am back at college, in my new studio space, hoping to come up with some genius art idea. I had a great summer, it was not too different to any of my previous summers apart from seeing quite a few.... and now I got tangled up in thoughts about English grammar. I would like to say that I saw a sunrise, but not just one, so how does one say it correctly in English? Do I say: " I saw three spectacular sunrises or I saw three times the sun rising spectacularly? I admit that good old Google helped and apparently I can use sunrises as plural form of the noun. Still, it does sound a bit odd.

Anyway, this summer I managed to sleep outdoor and without a tent. On one occasion I slept in the middle of a field, I was alone and a bit scared (that is an understatement) but I was rewarded with a stunning sunrise. After this experience I felt like a superhero and insisted on doing it again but on the beach. My very curious ten year old daughter joined me and we greeted the sun from Norfolk sand dunes. The last sunrise of this summer was last week - in Barcelona. Nope, I wasn't brave enough to sleep on the streets or beach of Barcelona, being there in the middle of September meant that the sunrise was quite late and easy to wake up to without getting up in the middle of the night. Sunrise in Barcelona was also wonderful, especially watching it with my two best friends. Each sunrise was different yet gorgeous and they all got stuck in my mind. It's highly unlikely that I will purposely seek to see anymore this year as I want to keep these three memories special for a little longer plus I actually like sleeping in my own bed and sleeping in general. Something to look forward to in summer 2020 if fortune allows.

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