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Where was I...

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

It has been a while since my last post and I could come up with many excuses why I have neglected writing here but I shall spare you that and instead share my latest news.

Great news is that the dreaded task of writing my dissertation is over and even better news is that I got a pretty decent mark for it too. I am now working on my Degree Show final piece but before that I have two more exhibitions to prepare for. All in all my days are filled with art, art, art and some more art. Which is fantastic!

There are of course other things on my mind too, such as: starting a podcast with my friend Sarah. I listen to many different podcasts myself and I noticed that I often choose to listen to people with unusual tone or vocabulary. I mean, it also matters what they are saying but the “how” they are saying things is important as well. Almost daily I am asked by my kids to repeat what I just said, which is followed by “slapping thighs style” laughter. This makes me think that perhaps there are people who would want to listen to Sarah and me interviewing local artists with my “OMG say it again” accent. I shall inform you here when the podcast will be born.

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