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This Changes Everything

Apparently, I had a holiday this year, sometime over the sunny period called summer. I don't remember it much but flicking through my 'This Year Photos' - it looks like I must have. I must have had time to take hundreds of photos of the same landscape and water condensation on the outside of my wine glass. Well, those times are gone. I don't have time to marvel over the beauty of water drops formed by chilled Sauvignon Blanc at the moment. However, I have time to wonder about the sensational number of visitors that our exhibition (ARU Fine Art students) This Changes Everything managed to attract on the first day of its opening. I would love to say that contemporary art is as popular as Champion League's final game and we had thousands and thousands of visitors pouring in, but for some (to me totally mysterious) reason it isn't. And so having more than a hundred is brilliant, having more than two hundreds is bloody marvellous and having more than three hundreds on the first day is absolutely bonkers. Bonkers it is indeed. We had 332 people! The show is open until Friday 15.11.2019 and so, if you happen to wonder through Cambridge, come and add to this number of visitors. You may also start to wonder why football attracts more viewers than galleries do.

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