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The hibernation for ITISWHATITIS Duo is over!

It is almost exactly a year since Sarah and I completed our first collaboration organising and curating an art exhibition Connextions (for more details look at We learnt that neither of us felt like strangling each other after those few months of trying to organise a group of artists, in fact, we felt like doing it again. This was the moment for our art collective ITISWHATITIS Duo to be born. We have been involved in several more shows since that and then the coronavirus put everything on hold. It felt a bit weird for a while and we went into a limbo mode but it is time to wake up and start arting, curating, looking, listening, debating, arguing, thinking, inourheadssinging business again. And so here we are again, socially distanced meeting once a week, posting on our Facebook and Instagram accounts and building a website. We are currently plotting and thinking about our artists’ statement. Here is one of our first social media posts.

We want to know "What caught your eye this week”! Sarah and I meet once a week to discuss our future plans. We also spent a lot of time talking about everything else but our future plans. We miss the conversations we used to have in our studio spaces in CSA. This is why we decided to start a weekly post of our short videos capturing a description of what caught our eye this week. We would love to see your contributions too. There are no rules to be followed, just keep it short. If you have something that you would like to share with others following our account, send your video in a private message and we will post it here. Don’t be shy, we want to see you and hear you too. This is our very first and therefor a little wobbly attempt. Sarah and Stepanka

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