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and PAUSE!

Updated: May 4, 2020

So not so long ago I was boasting how my days are filled with art, art and some more art. Well this has changed dramatically. Not that I have decided to become an engineer or a goalkeeper, but my art making days are over for sometime. A certain virus kicked me out of my studio space and locked the door behind me. And, no I am not trying to perceive a career as a carpenter either, the stack of wooden frames are canvas stretchers, which I made for my Degree show sculpture. This will now have to wait. Everything just PAUSED, and we all are waiting for the giant index finger to press PLAY again. It is strange, kind of nice but makes me feel slightly sick with worry inside. It is the "not knowing" feeling, not knowing what will happen and how it will effect us that is giving me ever so faint sense of nausea. I don’t know if everything will be ok, probably not. I hope a lot of it will and that’s all I can do. Hope is what I do and I am getting good at it. I can wait, I am very good at waiting.

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